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Cosmic Smile Laser Dental
Cosmic Smile Laser Dental

212/40 Yeo Street
Neutral Bay,NSW 2089
Phone: 02 9904 2880
Fax: (02) 9904 2881



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Welcome to Cosmic Smile Dental

Welcome to Cosmic Smile Dental, a dental practice offering both general and specialised cosmetic and elective services from the conveniently located Northern Sydney suburb of Neutral Bay.
By using the latest dental technology available, Cosmic Smile Dental is able to provide a wide range of pain-free, safe and affordable cosmetic implant and preventive dentistry procedures that range from Snap-On Smile to Invisalign, implants and even One-Hour Whitening treatments.

Creating beautiful, healthy and safe smiles

At Cosmic Smile Dental, patients’ comfort is always a priority. That’s why, Dr Jason Pang offers customers a variety of fear reduction programs and a heavy dose of TLC before undergoing any dental treatments on teeth, gum and bone.

A highly trained dentistry professional, Dr Jason Pang has spent great part of his career developing equipment and methods that enhance patient comfort during dental procedures.
His own company Mindflux, is devoted to providing Virtual Reality (VR) equipment for patient distraction to dentists, Australian Universities, Government Agencies and corporations.

All your dental needs under one roof

Cosmic Smile Dental’s broad range of dental cosmetic procedures will help you regain your confidence without having to look for expensive dental specialists –at Cosmic Smile Dental all your dental needs are under one single roof and at very affordable prices:

Cosmetic Dentistry
• Veneers
• Crowns
• Bridges
• White Fillings
• Snap-on-Smile
Tooth Whitening
• ZOOM Whitening
• Whitening for Life
Dental Implants
• Dental Implants
• Mini-Implants
• Smile Makeovers
• Lumineers
Laser Dentistry
• Laser Dentistry
• Frenectomy / Tongue Tie

Free Implant Open Day at Cosmic Smile Dental

Anxious about undergoing dental treatment? It’s understandable, most people are. That’s why Cosmic Smile Dental’s Information Days will give you the peace of mind you need to start a cosmetic implant and preventive dentistry treatment that best suits your needs.

Come along to the next Information Day and listen to Cosmic Smile Dental’s founder and principal dentist Dr Jason Pang discuss dental implants and requirements for their placement. Not only will you receive a brief FREE clinical consultation and a FREE OPG to assess your bone levels, you will walk off with a treatment plan and pricing. All your options clearly explained and laid out for you by a top professional of the cosmetic implant and preventive dentistry.

What are some of the areas generally discussed during Cosmic Smile’s Implant Open Day?

Some of the topics will include requirements for a successful implant, types of implants and their uses as well as adjuncts and alternatives to implants. Bone graft procedures, radiographic imaging, success rates, advantages and disadvantages will also be covered.
There are different sessions available during Cosmic Smile’s Implant Open Day for you to hear Dr Pang’s discussions as well as to ask questions from an implant patient about their treatment and how it has changed their lives.

Finger food and drinks are provided and you’ll also enter into a contest for a chance to win an iPod Shuffle.
Visit today if you are interested in attending the next implant open day.

Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry

Time to get a brand new smile? Dr Jason Pang and the cosmetic implant and preventive dentistry professionals at Cosmic Smile Dental can help you dazzle new acquaintances with a star smile they just won’t be able to forget.
Take advantage of Cosmic Smile Dental’s latest specials for a completely safe and very affordable smile makeover.

Cosmic Smile’s Free Smile Makeover Consultation will give you 15 minutes with a specialist cosmetic dentist completely free of charge to discuss some of the options available to help you get the smile you’ve always hoped for.

Enjoy a comprehensive exam, consultation or second opinion and all the necessary X rays for only $99 thanks to our New Patient Assessment, valued at $252.
Why not give Cosmic Smile Dental a call today to take advantage of the Teeth Whitening Special, now only at $399. What do you get? A preventive special plus Tray Teeth Whitening plus a complimentary membership to Cosmic Smile’s Whitening for Life program!

If you are after an even more comprehensive Whitening Program, how about Cosmic Dental’s Zoom Whitening Sydney Special at $999? You’ll be treated to a New Patient Assessment plus initial clean, scale, polish and fluoride by Cosmic Dental’s very own hygienist as well as a Zoom!In-chair teeth whitening plus complimentary membership to their Whitening for Life program that entitles you to free whitening top-ups for the rest of your life. How is that for incredible value?

Give Cosmic Smile Dental a call now on 9904 2880.

Choose Cosmic Smile

Why should you choose us?

Dr Jason Pang and the team in Sydney’s Neutral Bay clinic have a range of dental cosmetic procedures that will help you regain your long-lost confidence.
1. Innovative
Cosmic Smile Dental is always at the forefront of cosmetic implant and preventive dentistry, providing a variety of tooth whitening and cosmetic dentistry solutions that can help you achieve that stellar smile you’ve been hoping for – from Snap-on smile to tooth whitening, Invisalign, dental implants, laser dentistry, lumineers, and a lot more.

2. Pain free
Cosmic Smile Dental are heavily invested in providing patients with a broad range of fear reduction programs to make their treatment as comfortable and as pain-free as possible.

3. Affordable
New patients are treated to Cosmic Smile’s New Patient Assessment for only $99 including a comprehensive exam, consultation or second opinions as well as all necessary X-rays. Overall, Cosmic Smile Dental’s prices are designed to make cosmetic implant and preventive dentistry much less prohibitive for everyone.
Visit today and start looking forward to a completely new smile.


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